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Purchase Vitalzym from an Authorized Reseller

According the manufacturer, World Nutrition, Inc., it is important to purchase your Vitalzym from an authorized distributor.

"...we strongly suggest that you purchase World Nutrition products from one of our online authorized retailers, who can guarantee the safety and quality of your products...It’s extremely important to purchase World Nutrition products from an authorized retailer in order to ensure that you are receiving safe products of the highest quality."

They warn that hazards that they often see from purchasing from unauthorized websites include products that have lost their effectiveness due to improper storage, product that has been previously opened or is missing the safety seal, and product that is past or near its expiration date.

Express Naturals has been an authorized Vitalzym distributor for more than 7 years and is listed on World Nutrition's website as one of only four "Preferred Online Retailers".  For guaranteed fresh Vitalzym, delivered fast, at discounted prices, we recommend shopping at Express Naturals.

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