Vitalzym - Frequently (and randomly) Asked Questions

Can I take Vitalzym with antibiotics (or other drugs)?

We recommend talking with your health provider or pharmacist.  The systemic enzymes in Vitalzym products may increase the absorption of your antibiotics or other pharmaceutical drugs.

Can I take more than one Vitalzym product at a time?

Sure.  But there will be some overlap so you may want to reduce your dosage of each or take them at different times of the day.  Remember, the products in powder form (original Vitalzym and VitalzymCardio) will also offer digestive benefit if taken within 30 minutes of food.

How long will Vitalzym last in my body?

Generally the enzymes will have been used by the body or eliminated within 24  hours.

Can I take Original Vitalzym or Vitalzym Cardio with food?

If you're having trouble tolerating either of these powder systemic enzymes, try taking them with some toast.  Be sure not to take with any protein, as the enzymes will be used solely for digestion.

Can I take Vitalzym Liquid Gel Capsules or Vitalzym Xe with food?

We recommend taking these about 20 - 30 minutes before a meal.  If taken at the same time as a meal, enzyme loss will likely occur.

I have trouble swallowing capsules.  Which Vitalzym product would be best?

Vitalzym Liquid Gel and Vitalzym Xe capsules are extremely small.  Visit Express Naturals to view sizes.  Original Vitalzym and Vitalzym Cardio can be poured out of the capsule and taken with applesauce with minimal enzyme loss.

Why is there a warning against taking Vitalzym with anticoagulants?

Vitalzym may help to cleanse the blood by dissolving excess fibrin, resulting in thinned blood.  In addition, it may help to increase the amount of the drug absorbed.  You should definitely talk with your health provider before using any systemic enzymes while on blood thinners.

My Vitalzym has an odor.  Has it gone bad?

Actually, most systemic enzyme blends have a sour smell.  The smell seems to vary from batch to batch.  The enzymes don't actually spoil, however they do begin to lose their activity after about 18 months.  You should store your enzymes at room temperature. 

Is Vitalzym from Non-GMO sources?

Yes, Vitalzym does not contain any genetically modified organisms.

Can I take Vitalzym with coffee or tea?

We recommend to take with room temperature water.  Extremely hot temperatures can damage the enzymes.   

Is Vitalzym enteric coated?

Yes.  The Original Vitalzym and VitalzymCardio powders are formulated to resist the acidity of the stomach.  Some enzyme loss will occur with all powder enzyme blends, however the original Vitalzym and Cardio are among the best formulated enzymes in the world.  Vitalzym Liquid Gel Caps and Vitalzym Xe have a shell coating that is fully enteric coated.  No enzymes will be lost due to contact with stomach acids.

Does Vitalzym have pharmaceutical grade serrapeptase?

Yes, per Japan's Ministry of Health guidelines.  However beware of this overused marketing term.  Different countries have different guidelines of pharmaceutical grade, and the United States does not regulate serrapeptase at all.

I have an ulcer.  Is it ok to take Vitalzym?

Most likely not.  Talk with your healthcare provider.

Is Vitalzym susceptible to heat?

According to the manufacturer, Vitalzym won't begin to lose activity until it has been exposed to temperatures exceeding 150 degrees for extended periods.

Does Vitalzym contain talc?

No way.

What if I miss a dose?

Don't worry if you've missed your're scheduled dose of Vitalzym, Vitalzym Xe, or Vitalzym Cardio.  Systemic enzymes don't work like many pharmaceuticals, in that they don't have to build up in your system to have effect.  Most of the enzymes have either been used or are destroyed within 6-24 hours.  If you've missed a dose, you can skip it completely or just take it when your stomach is empty.  There is no need to double up on your next dose. 



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